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March 6, 2018

Parking Lot

Concrete parking lots Anderson, Indiana

Partners-N-Concrete located in Anderson, Indiana specializes in concrete parking lots. If you need to add on to a existing concrete parking lot, or have the existing concrete parking lot torn out and redone or just need to repair the existing parking lot, we are the company for you. Contact Us for Free Estimate.

Why people choose us for their concrete parking lots

Have over 20 years experience
Great track record of happy clients
Upfront pricing
Designing services
We backfill the sides of the driveway not leaving clients with the task of leveling it with the yard
Free estimates
On time fast service
Many different types of decorative concrete to choose from
Great pricing
BBB Accredited Agency

Parking Lot Partners-N-Concrete

Concrete Wall and Parking Lot

Replacing concrete parking lots
We are capable of coming in and tearing out the existing parking lot and hauling it off. Then we will replace it with a new and improved parking lot that will make your business stand out from the rest. After we get the concrete poured, we will fill in the sides to give it that perfect look.

Fixing Concrete parking lots
We can fix any broken, cracked, or drain issue with your concrete parking lots.

Add onto the current parking lots
If you are looking to add another section to your side walks, we will help you design it. Then we will grade it and pour that new section for you.

Sealing Concrete parking lots

We will seal the concrete and asphalt parking lot.  This will help prevent cracks, pot holes, and make it last longer.  This should be done on a regular basis.

Type of Finish we can provide
Slick Troweled Finish
Broom Finish
Exposed Aggregate Finish
Stamped Finish
Stained Finish

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